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ELO 2015

Machine Libertine performed at ELO 2015 conference taking place in Bergen, Norway.


Close Encounter of Digital Kind


The Bard-HESP network is proud to sponsor the DVCLA conference in Istanbul on March 15-18, 2015. Delegates from across the network will meet to discussed digital and visual culture in the liberal arts environments of our unique geopolitical contexts.

In the frame of the conference, Machine Libertine participated in panels on “Close Encounters of the Digital Kind: Intimacy, Embodiment, Virality”

Faculty and staff delegates come from Al-Quds Bard College in Jerusalem, American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Krygyz Republic, Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York , Bard College Berlin in Germany, the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania, and The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University (Smolny College) in St. Petersburg, Russia.



Machine Libertine is part of MANIFESTA 10 Education Program in the General Staff Building of The State Hermitage.

A lecture on Sonic Sculpture and master class on interactive technologies was presented by sonic artist Taras Mashtalir.

Participants of the workshop, experts from the field of IT and computer technologies, were acquainted with the concept and history of sound sculptures, learnt about the technologies used in this field, and participated in a poetic media performance by Machine Libertine.

In a special themed tour of the Biennial the participants explored the interplay of information technology and modern art from Matisse to the present day, thinking about points of intersection between media and art in the history of European art of the XX-XXI centuries.

The Education Program promotes looking, questioning, and the sharing of experiences. Working locally, regionally, and internationally, MANIFESTA 10 engages with schools, universities, local communities, and St. Petersburg residents with the aim of deepening the experience of visiting the Biennial. Education programs include mediated tours, special events, workshops, and discussions, designed to generate a platform for dialogue and debates about the role that art can play within society.

Throughout the Biennial, the Education Program investigates methods of communicating with one another and explores how contemporary art can generate new conversations. It aims to discuss such questions as: in what ways can a public engage with a biennial? How does contemporary art contribute to daily life? Where are the spaces in which we come together and discuss our experiences

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Speaking Clock

Poetic Sonic Sculpture by Machine Libertine was installed at Vitebsky Station as part of MANIFESTA Biennial in St Petersburg.
Vitebsk Station was one of the first train stations in Russia and a key link between East and West. It derives its name from the famous city of the early twentieth-century Russian avant-garde.
Railway station is a place that arranges a special relationship with time and space: they are both measured in stations. Each videopoem of the Speaking Clock counts such time stations: from St.Petersburg to Rome (SPQR), from Oslo to Bergen (Sorrel, Sorrel), from Helsinki to Porvoo and from New York to Boston (To Mars), from London to Bristol (Epigraphic Clock) is a literary clock by John Cayley, that contains 365 words. Six phrases of the lower line show the literary year, month, day, hour and minute, flasing blue phrase registers seconds.

SPQR 1 min
text Natalia Fedorova
sound by Taras Mashtalir
video Alexander Antipin

to Mars 2 min
text Natalia Fedorova
sound by Taras Mashtalir
video Alexander Antipin

Sorrel, Sorrel 2 min
text Natalia Fedorova
sound by Taras Mashtalir
video Alex Antipin

Epigraphic clock 5 min
literary clock
code John Cayley
translation Natalia Fedorova
sound by Taras Mashtalir

REVERSE Copenhagen

Machine Libertine performed at REVERSE International Poetry Festival at Copenhagen.

REVERSE is the revival of Copenhagen International Poetry Festival. It took place at LiteraturHaus in Nørrebro 18th – 21st of September 2014.
During these three days, plethora of enchanting poems were performed, either at LiteraturHaus, Assistens Kirkegård, Møllegades Boghandel, or other spectacular venues.

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Mediapoetry Festival @ Alexandrinsky Theatre, St Petersburg

Mediapoetry Festival at Second Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St Petersburg


Альманах современной поэзии и теории [Транслит] в сотрудничестве с Новой сценой Александринского театра объявляет об открытии Новой Поэтической Сцены [Транслит], которая станет поэтическим расширением этой высокотехнологичной творческой площадки и лабораторией по синтезу новых поэтических форм в обогащающей среде современного экспериментального театра и новых медиа.
Медиа-поэзия — это новое направление в современном искусстве, в котором соединяются новейшие технологии и поэзия для того, чтобы создать синтетическое произведение языкового искусства. Особую роль играет форма, материальность, или медиа такого произведения.
Средствами выразительности медиа-поэтического произведения становятся все чувственные аспекты реальности: слух, зрение, прикосновение. Материальные свойства медиа-поэзии делают ее не словом, а событием, передать которое невозможно на бумаге или видео — зритель его полноправный участник и со-автор. Новая поэзия включает в себя медиа-арт, саунд-арт, сайнс-арт, генеративное искусство и искусство перформанса.

photography by Alina Yasnaya

Media Art Lab @ «Manege» in Moscow

Machine Libertine lectured and performed as part of Educational program “Projections of the Avant-Garde” at Centre for Art and Culture MediaArtLab in Manege, Moscow.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 5.28.27 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 2.31.44 PM

Y-POETRY @ Smolny University



Nomination for Sergey Kurehin’s Award

Machine Libertine nominated for Sergey Kurehin’s Award.


Machine Libertine gets to the short list of Sergey Kurehin’s Award in the sphere of modern art as one of the candidates in the Electromechanics nomination (the best electronic audiovisual project)

Видеопоэтический перформанс соединяет механистическое чтение стихов с тревожной картинкой и многоканальным звуком. Проект композитора, звукоинженера, саунд-артиста Машталира и поэтессы и медиахудожницы Федоровой продолжает как жесты дадаистов, так и эстетические поиски киберпанка. Сложно найти доводы против. Но слабая встроенность авторов в артистеблишмент может сработать лучше всяких аргументов: «Ой, это еще кто такие? Где вы их откопали?»

Источник: Все права защищены.


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