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Manifesto Teaser

Манифест Трайлер

наша цель освободить машины
дать им голос
универсальный поэтический язык
текст, звук, свет
этим голосом
машины объяснят людям
кто они



For the past 10 years, Rattapallax magazine has been on the forefront of introducing readers with compelling literature, poetry, films and ideas from around the world. Timeout magazine has called the literary journal “the visceral, multimedia hit of poetry.” Rattapallax (issue 21), edited by Flávia Rocha, is now launching its first FREE APP issue for iPad — the natural path to a magazine that has been always committed to literature in various forms, medias and languages.



Light Duty

Star Wars, Raw?Rats!

Un file de Machine Libertine:

Star Wars, Raw? Rats!

… is a videopoem by Natali Fedorova and Taras Mashtalir. The text is a palindrome by Nick Montfort that briefly retells “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” making Han Solo central. The soundtrack is a remix of Commodore 64 music by Sven Schlünzen & Jörg Rosenstiel made by Mashtalir.

The palindrome is a revised version of the one Montfort wrote in 75 minutes for the First World Palindrome Championship, held in Brooklyn on March 16, 2012:

Wow, sagas!
Solo’s deed, civic deed.
Eye dewed, a doom-mood.
A pop …
Sis sees redder rotator.
Radar eye sees racecar X.
Dad did rotor gig.
Level sees reviver!
Solo’s deified!
Solo’s reviver sees level …
Gig rotor did dad!
X, racecar, sees eye.
Radar rotator, redder, sees sis …
Pop a doom-mood!
A dewed eye.
Deed, civic deed.
Solo’s sagas: wow.

all is full of love

In Your Voice

text by Natalia Fedorova
sound design by Taras Mashtalir
visuals by Stan Mashov

Whoever You Are

Poetry Film (AMV version)

poetry by Natasha Romanova
music by Taras Mashtalir
visuals from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within


ASCII art piece is a work of art made of printed symbols.

Here you can trace the history in an energetic way

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