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“In Your Voice” by Machine Libertine < I ♥ E-Poetry

“In Your Voice” by Machine Libertine:

These two video poems integrate four elements: Natalia Fedorova’s voice reading silky lines of her sonorous poetry in Russian, a Mac Os text to speech voice reading a translation in English, Taras Mashatalir’s haunting musical soundscapes, and Stan Mashov’s conceptual videos. The contrast between Fedorova’s voice, even though it’s been transformed through sound engineering, and the mechanical reading provided by the software emphasizes how much meaning inheres in breath, tone, and intimacy when performed “in your voice.” The video is composed of fragmented flowing surfaces which contain images that enhance the experience of the poem, while the music helps shape the tone and pulls the work together by situating the voices within the space evoked by the visuals.
If you really want to lose yourself in these two poems, I suggest viewing it in Vimeo on fullscreen mode with good sound or headphones.

In Your Voice” by Machine Libertine < I ♥ E-Poetry.


В галерее «Новое пространство» завершился выставочный эксперимент «Exordium»










TOK FM Radio

Interview at TOK FM Radio

Samara, Russia




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Samara LiTreArt Festival

Samara LiTreArt Festival
Samara State Aerospace University



National Poetry Foundation

Poetry & Poetics of the 80s

University of Main


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ELO 2012

 ELO 2012 

Electrifying Literature
Affordances and Constraints

June 20-23, 2012




Emergent Communities in Contemporary Experimental Writing — at UCSC – Humanities







Star Wars, Raw?Rats!

Un file de Machine Libertine:

Star Wars, Raw? Rats!

… is a videopoem by Natali Fedorova and Taras Mashtalir. The text is a palindrome by Nick Montfort that briefly retells “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” making Han Solo central. The soundtrack is a remix of Commodore 64 music by Sven Schlünzen & Jörg Rosenstiel made by Mashtalir.

The palindrome is a revised version of the one Montfort wrote in 75 minutes for the First World Palindrome Championship, held in Brooklyn on March 16, 2012:

Wow, sagas!
Solo’s deed, civic deed.
Eye dewed, a doom-mood.
A pop …
Sis sees redder rotator.
Radar eye sees racecar X.
Dad did rotor gig.
Level sees reviver!
Solo’s deified!
Solo’s reviver sees level …
Gig rotor did dad!
X, racecar, sees eye.
Radar rotator, redder, sees sis …
Pop a doom-mood!
A dewed eye.
Deed, civic deed.
Solo’s sagas: wow.

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