One of the oldest hypertexts

“My boyfriend came back from the war”


ASCII art piece is a work of art made of printed symbols.

Here you can trace the history in an energetic way

Snow Queen

Snow Queen is a a poetry film  created for British Council Russia W. Blake anniversary event and presented recently at Purple Blurb series at MIT. It is a combination of masculine poetry «Poison Tree» by William Blake contrasted to mechanic female MacOS voice and cubistic video imagery of Souzfilm animation «Snow Queen» (1957).


Our aim is to liberate machines from servitude and give them their own voice.

We need a new universal machine poetic language. It is an algorithm to generate digital text, audio and visuals. This universality proves the transitional capability of text to be translated from one language to another through the machine multimedia translation. This mechanism will enable machine language to speak itself randomly recombining words images and sounds to produce new media poetry.

Our aim is to liberate the machines and trust them creative work.

Human language lost its power and only words generated by the machines can make sense.

Machines became the true mirror that humans hold to themselves. In their mechanic voice they will reveal to mankind who they are.

Our aim is to liberate the machines and give them their own voice.


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