Natalia Fedoorova and Taras Mashtalir presented a new video poem “Light” at Purple Blurb, MIT

Open Mouse / Open Mic
Featuring Alexandra Chasin and Ari Kalinowski
Co-sponsored by the Electronic Literature Organization

Purple Blurb is a series featuring digital writers reading from, presenting, and discussing their work. “Digital writing” is writing that is developed with the computer as its primary medium. The phrase is interpreted broadly to include video and web projects, media production workshops and online environments for youth, poetry and story generators, digital art that deeply involves writing, hypertext and interactive fiction, writing for machinima, video games involving writing, and archives of texts from the BBS era. People from several schools at MIT come to events, as do many members of the public, including several regular attendees involved in digital art and interactive fiction. The series began in Fall 2007 and is run by Nick Montfort.

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