Machine Libertine had been founded in December 2010 starting with a poetry film called Snow Queen, a piece created for British Council and presented recently at Purple Blurb series at MIT and INTERRUPT II at Brown University. It is a combination of masculine poetry «Poison Tree» by William Blake contrasted to mechanic female MacOS voice and cubistic video imagery of Souzfilm animation «Snow Queen» (1957).



WHOEVER YOU ARE – poetry film (AMV version)
a poem by Natasha Romanova told as a post-apocalyptic dream of Aki Ross, a scientist, the main character in the first photorealistic computer animated film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
music and video edit by Taras Mashtalir



“In Your Voice” is a warm and imaginative interpretation of two poems by Natalia Fedorova telling about impossibility of reaching home.

These two video poems integrate four elements: Natalia Fedorova’s voice reading silky lines of her sonorous poetry in Russian, a Mac Os text to speech voice reading a translation in English, Taras Mashatalir’s haunting musical soundscapes, and Stan Mashov’s conceptual videos. The contrast between Fedorova’s voice, even though it’s been transformed through sound engineering, and the mechanical reading provided by the software emphasizes how much meaning inheres in breath, tone, and intimacy when performed “in your voice.” The video is composed of fragmented flowing surfaces which contain images that enhance the experience of the poem, while the music helps shape the tone and pulls the work together by situating the voices within the space evoked by the visuals. If you really want to lose yourself in these two poems, I suggest viewing it in Vimeo on fullscreen mode with good sound or headphones. – I ♥ E-Poetry

sound design by Taras Mashtalir
visuals by Stan Mashov



Star Wars, Raw? Rats!

… is a videopoem by Natali Fedorova and Taras Mashtalir. The text is a palindrome by Nick Montfort that briefly retells “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” making Han Solo central. The soundtrack is a remix of Commodore 64 music by Sven Schlünzen & Jörg Rosenstiel made by Mashtalir.

The palindrome is a revised version of the one Montfort wrote in 75 minutes for the First World Palindrome Championship, held in Brooklyn on March 16, 2012:

Wow, sagas!
Solo’s deed, civic deed.
Eye dewed, a doom-mood.
A pop …
Sis sees redder rotator.
Radar eye sees racecar X.
Dad did rotor gig.
Level sees reviver!
Solo’s deified!
Solo’s reviver sees level …
Gig rotor did dad!
X, racecar, sees eye.
Radar rotator, redder, sees sis …
Pop a doom-mood!
A dewed eye.
Deed, civic deed.
Solo’s sagas: wow.




Light Duty

text: Natalia Fedorova
sound: Taras Mashtalir

the light is on duty
when everyone else is
fast asleep
from dozing flats
it climbs the ladders
of cristmasy trees
up to the top of
prudential beacon
to let the planes know
that the light is on duty
when everyone else
is fast asleep





text: Natalia Fedorova
video and sound: Taras Mashtalir

to map my memory
i program neurally
i run in and out
of memory
i let it pick its subject
from this night’s dark
grass means theatre
ice-cream means april
you scream that we scream
street lamp will mean nothing
if you are blind
imperfectly perfect
me amore
stay star
april grows grass
in praise of bad clock
i connect present and past
watching faces
i run with my hands
no memory is an island
no man can zap
my memory
or he’ll have to
delete this world




Live performance at Translit 2012 in New Holland, St Petersburg

Альманах [ Транслит ] провел 25 июля очередной эпизод Фестиваля поэзии на острове — при поддержке культурного пространства «Новая Голландия» и на одноименном острове.

Лекционная часть фестивальной программы посвящена новаторским подходам к описанию феномена современного поэтического письма, где Наталья Федорова рассказала о текущем состоянии генеративной поэзии, и вместе с Тарасом Машталиром продемонстрировала материал Machine Libertine.






“It’s Getting Better” is a prototype of a poetry cube sonic sculpture. Since sonic sculpture is seen as a sonic ecology harmonizing artefact, the poem suggests primarily aesthetical means of organizing space, as opposed to consumerist accumulation of desired objects.

poetry by Natalia Fedorova
music by Taras Mashtalir
video by Alex Antipin

it is getting better
into the self
into the shell
orange and turquoise
cardboard walls
whispers of boiling water
sharp shouts of football players
slaping windows
and engines
running on cheap fuel
bags, wardrobes and homes are
containers of things
they should be
containers of colors and sounds






open your window
Il viccolo de lavandae
pane es coperto
the mountains
appeared from
the clouds

video edit by Alina Yasnaya
music by Taras Mashtalir
poetry by Natalia Fedorova
visuals from The Machine (2013)





Sonic Sculpture
Vitebsky Station, St Petersburg

Railway station is a place that arranges a special relationship with time and space: they are both measured in stations. Each videopoem of the Speaking Clock counts such time stations:
from St.Petersburg to Rome (SPQR),
from Oslo to Bergen (Sorrel, Sorrel),
from Helsinki to Porvoo and from New York to Boston (To Mars),
from London to Bristol (Epigraphic Clock) is a literary clock by John Cayley, that contains 365 words.
Six phrases of the lower line show the literary year, month, day, hour and minute, flasing blue phrase registers seconds.

code by John Cayley
text by Natalia Fedorova
sound by Taras Mashtalir
video by Alex Antipin

Точное время

Витебский вокзал, Санкт Петербург

Вокзал- это место, где со временем особого рода счеты; и с пространством тоже: и одно и другое меряется станциями. Каждое из видео стихотворений программы “Точное время” отсчитывает такие временные станции:
от С-Петербурга до Рима (SPQR),
от Осло до Бергена (Sorrel, Sorrel),
от Хельсинки до Порно и от Нью Йорка до Бостона (To Mars),
от Лондона до Бристоля (“Точное время”).
“Точное время” – это литературные часы англо-американского теоретика и практика медиа-поэзии Джона Кайли (пер. Н.Федорова), которые состоят из 365 слов. Шесть фраз нижней строки показывают литературный год, месяц, день,час и минуту, секунды регистрирует мигающая синим фраза.

код: Джон Кайли
текст: Наталья Федорова
звук: Тарас Машталир
видео: Александр Антипин